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Logo Design, Website
Almere, Netherlands
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress

KateGoriako is a management consulting company whose aim is to empower employees and organizations in the health sector.

When the founder first contacted me for help, his passion for the subject matter was palpable. He sent me this quote to describe his business philosophy:

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.

- Kenichi Ohmae

He wanted a logo that conveyed strength, vitality, resilience, intelligence, and simplicity. His company was named KateGoriako from kate, the Basque word for lead, and Goriako, his first name.

In addition to the logo, he also wanted a website where he could market his services and invite visitors to contact him. He wanted the website to project a professional, modern, minimalist, and warm brand image.

Logo Design

After discussing the business and brand, I carried out some research on the client’s industry. I then designed several logo concepts.

In the end, it was clear which one was the strongest.

KateGoriako Logo Design KateGoriako Logo Design

  • At first glance, the logo is a rounded red box with a K inside it.
  • The K doesn’t end, but rather continues in a line to represent progress and forward motion. This was inspired by the quote that the client sent me.
  • I used the negative space produced by the K to form the shape of a G as well. This fulfilled the client’s wish to show a strong connection between Kate and Goriako.
  • The solid red color conveys strength and vitality. I chose it for its energetic nature, illustrating the company’s purpose: to empower employees and organizations.
  • The curves convey resilience and intelligence.
  • The bold sans-serif typeface forms a brand name that looks modern, professional, and warm at the same time.

Like any professionally designed logo, this logo can be applied in various marketing materials: the website, business cards, stationery, brochures, and so on. It works well on a light background, as well as on a dark one. It can also be reproduced in small and large sizes while maintaining readability.

KateGoriako Logo Design

The result is a simple and effective logo that perfectly captures KateGoriako’s brand image and that will carry the company forward in the years to come.


KateGoriako Website I provided a website blueprint containing recommended pages based on the client’s business goals and my industry research. I also provided a content strategy that would best lead potential clients to get in touch.

I set up the website using WordPress. The design uses layout, color, texture, imagery, and typography that is suited to the business and brand.

The result is a website that effectively communicates to visitors, appeals to their senses, and earns their trust.

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