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Project Details

Web Design, Web Development, Content Creation, Marketing and Copywriting, Social Media
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CFML, Mango Blog, Facebook

Intel Retail Advantage is Intel’s official program for retail sales professionals (RSPs) in the Asia-Pacific. The program is centered on an online training and community portal which contains:

  • Sales training modules such as games, articles, briefings, and interactive quizzes
  • Sales tools such as videos, demos, and presentations
  • Community sections such as news and photo sharing

They hired me for front-end web development work for the website’s major redesign. I helped design the user interface and wrote clean optimized code, which resulted in a streamlined and attractive website.

They were happy with my work, so they asked me to expand my role to content creation, copywriting, and social media. My work ranged from strategy (conceptualizing online marketing and promotions) to implementation (writing and proofreading training modules).

The challenge was to constantly create, publish, and promote content, while interacting and engaging with the audience.

I loved Intel Retail Advantage because of the variety of work I did. I strategized, I wrote, I designed, and yes, I developed. By using my multidisciplinary skills, I contributed value to the project in several different aspects.

Web Design

Email Invitation for Dell Portal I designed graphics and web layouts for the website, blog, email newsletters, and Facebook page. I also designed sales training PDFs.

Tools and Technologies

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign

Web Development

  • Designed the user interface
  • Improved usability and content presentation
  • Wrote clean front-end code
  • Created email newsletter templates
  • Developed a custom theme for Mango Blog CMS

Tools and Technologies

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • CFML
  • Mango Blog

Language Selection Page Login Page Home Page Interactive Training Module Photo Sharing Lucky Draw Intel Retail Advantage Blog

Country Portals

Indonesia Taiwan Thailand Vietnam

Corporate Tie-Up Portals

Acer Dell Dell Thailand Officeworks Telecom KT Telecom Viettel Telecom

Content Creation

Before, Intel Retail Advantage used content directly taken from Intel Retail Edge, the portal’s counterpart for RSPs in North America. They also occasionally used internal presentations, which didn’t make the best training modules.

When I came on board, I started creating original content for the program. My objective was to publish content that was better, more interesting, and more appropriate for Asia-Pacific RSPs. The new content was well-received and fostered a more engaged community. (Also, I can now say that my work has been translated into five other languages.)

  • Created the Intel Retail Advantage Blog
  • Launched a new type of training module (Briefings) to add to the two existing types (Challenges and Articles)
  • Prepared training modules, photos, documents, and videos
    • Each training module was then translated to Bahasa, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai
  • Created training modules
    • Wrote training module content
    • Sourced corresponding images
    • Prepared quizzes
  • Wrote content for email newsletters
  • Wrote blog posts
    • Notably started the Selling in Plain English blog post series

Training Module: 3 Steps to Selling a New PC New Training Module Type: Briefings Training Module: 8 Things About 2nd Gen Training Module: 10 Tips for Selling to Students Blog Post: Telling Ain't Selling Blog Post: Help Your Customers Fight Hourglass Syndrome Blog Post Series: Selling in Plain English Blog Post Series: Selling in Plain English

Marketing and Copywriting

Smartest Upgrade Contest

One of the challenges in marketing for Intel Retail Advantage was that the website actually consists of several different portals, each of which caters to a specific audience. There are country portals and corporate tie-up portals, each of which has a different email newsletter, ongoing promotion, etc. The country portals have different languages. Strategy and organization played a huge role in the marketing efforts.

  • Email marketing strategy
  • Wrote copy for email newsletters
  • Wrote copy for the website, blog, and Facebook page
  • Wrote copy for internal marketing materials
  • Made presentations for major telco companies and computer manufacturers to encourage corporate tie-ups with the program

Social Media

  • Created a strategy to improve community engagement
  • Implemented social media campaign on the website, blog, email newsletters, and Facebook page

Facebook Page Facebook Page

Intel Retail Advantage Subprojects

Local Programs

MY PC Guru Program (Malaysia) Country-specific and corporate tie-up portals on Intel Retail Advantage often have their own incentive programs, contests, or promotions. These programs need their own mini-sites within the main website. I wrote copy and did user interface design, visual web design, and web development for mini-sites for programs like the Eyes on Target Challenge (Dell) and MY PC Guru (Malaysia).

RSP Quiz Module

I redesigned the RSP quiz module, turning it into a customizable, visually appealing, easy-to-use application.

Admin Module

Admin Module I redesigned the admin module, transforming it into an attractive and user-friendly application that made uploading training modules, preparing translations, and sending email newsletters simpler and easier.

Other Projects for Intel

These projects were for other departments in Intel. For simplicity, I’m including them on this page.

How to Sell to Students

The Intel APAC Sales Center wanted to hold a webinar for Intel resellers on how to sell computer systems to students. I conceptualized the presentation, wrote the content, prepared the slides, and wrote the script for the actual presentation.

IRC Training Modules

I wrote, designed, and developed two training modules for the Intel Reseller Channel Organization, for use in the Intel Reseller Center.

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